السبت، 18 أكتوبر 2014

Disability ;Title of Unequal

When you be closer to those people to know them ,you were built pervious standard image about them and their life and style on your mind ,but when you meet them you will be surprised with their  huge capacities ,talents and certifications .


Unequal is so general and branched object ,
I tried to write about it in specific direction but all these trails failed that because life in Iraq like a big question mark and unequal so small on it even invisible mark.
After many trails I get start my write direction about specific  Iraqis sector ,disability ,or what called “ special needs persons “.
You can writers, poets, sculptors, actors and sport captions but you didn’t hear about them in Iraqis road news as well as they are neglected with their rights in jobs in both general and individual sectors.
In addition, disability girl face another challenge ,she have no chance in social life and making family unless she got to marry a disability man and this is the last chance for her.
All these conditions left them in one question: “why?” that what disturb their dreams ,why this unequal with the others?
Why this injustice we face it? Why we suffer from exile and ostracism?why?and why and why? Whit out any logic answers but our useless manners and conventions that change their life to pain and suffer for no guilt but disability since birth or because of accident or terror or sickness left them in one corner of society .
We went back to that time of noblesse and ruling class and treat with those people like poor people in spite of or religion roles in Islam to treat all people in equal way.
Our society become treat with persons according to their shapes and colours  ,    we become   bourgeois persons with out amaze ourselves .

We should go back and review most of our manners and conventions and look with prescriptive eye to realize this sector of people deserve life with dignity as well as all the other people .

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